About us

Crystal Migration Services

Crystal Migration Services was founded in 2011 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Since then, we have converted more than 100000 reports from Crystal Reports to SSRS for corporations from Australia to Iceland, from Norway to Mexico, all across the United States and Canada, and many places in between. Our services make customers’ transition from Crystal to SSRS fast and easy no matter the complexity of their reports or the language they are written in. Conversions are done within seconds and with the highest degree of accuracy.

Our Web SSRS Report Studio, a comprehensive SSRS designer, is the answer to create or modify any SSRS reports from the Web. It can do almost anything that Microsoft Report Builder can do. The powerful wizard simplifies the SSRS report creation process into just a few button clicks. By using the report templates, all created reports have a consistent look and feel. The charts and gauges are almost identical to results from the MS Report Builder. The Report Studio is ideal to be integrated into other applications or to be deployed as a standalone web application.

To make it easier for current users of SSRS to create their own reports in on-the-go or flexible settings, we have also developed Ad Hoc SSRS Web Reporting. It is the only available software that allows for the creation of true SSRS reports on the web from a wide variety of mobile devices, including iPad, iPhones and Androids. Better yet, Ad Hoc SSRS reports can be created by users with little or no formal training in writing SSRS reports. Think of it like operating a "point and click" camera so anyone can be an expert SSRS report writer through our services.

We are SSRS Experts. So if you think moving from Crystal to SSRS is too much of a hassle, or if you would like to empower your staff with a powerful and easy to use SSRS report design solution, we would love to hear from you. Helping our customers make the move from Crystal to SSRS easy or showing them how to take advantage of what SSRS can do for them really makes our day!