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There are two ways you can send one of your Crystal Reports to us. We will accurately convert it to SSRS using our Advanced Automatic Conversion engine and quickly send it back to you for review and testing. Your report will be kept confidential.

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Request Sample Conversion By Email

Using your business* email address simply send us an email and include the Crystal Report rpt file as an attachment. Send the email to Please note we will not provide a free sample report if you use a personal email address unless you provide us with your company name.

Option 2
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Interested Crystal Migration Services SSRS Web Reporting?

Please contact us about our FREE 30 day trial. We will schedule a WebEx with you for a demonstration. You can then download your free 30 day trial version. We will assist you with installation and help you create a data model to report against your own data. See how easy it can be create an SSRS report - Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace